Calmed in the Midst of a Storm

Today's Wednesday story is written by my dear friend Jen. She is one of the strongest, most loving women I know. She was faced with a trial that no wife ever wants. I know many women have gone and will go through a spouse being unfaithful. I truly hope and pray that Jen's story will… Continue reading Calmed in the Midst of a Storm

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Follow Him in Faith

As a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, we study from a manual called Come Follow Me. This week the lesson is titled "Be Not Afraid" {}. I have always loved the story of Peter walking on water. It is simply amazing! But what I and so many of you also… Continue reading Follow Him in Faith

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A Witness

One of my favorite stories in the Book of Mormon is that of the people of Alma when they were being persecuted by Amulon and his "task-masters".  Alma's people were feeling just SO SAD.  They didn't know how they could go on any longer.  They started praying outloud--"cry{ing} mightily to God" for help.  Of course,… Continue reading A Witness

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Reassuring Rainbows

I've had today's topic on my mind for some time, so I'm finally getting my thoughts down.  There are two reasons I chose the title I did for my blog.  Well, actually three.  Number one, I felt prompted to by Heavenly Father.  Number two, I have had five rainbow babies.  And Number three, because so… Continue reading Reassuring Rainbows

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Do with Determination

In my scripture studying this morning, I was reading a talk from President Henry B. Eyring form October 1999 entitled Always.  I was struck especially by this one phrase "Do with Determination". He said " I plead with you to do with determination the simple things that will move you forward spiritually.  Start with remembering… Continue reading Do with Determination