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Prompted to Action

I know I say this every time I share a Wednesday Story, but friends, this one is SO GOOD! Mckell is an amazing women of faith. Her story is one of learning to listen to the Spirit as he guides her to use her talents to bring women together. Her experience reminded me of this… Continue reading Prompted to Action

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Twenty Years

As a child I remember thinking when I would be in my 40's that was a LONG way away. And now that I'm here, boy that just flew by! On June 26th, my husband Mark and I will have been married 20 years! What a blessing it has been in my life to have someone… Continue reading Twenty Years

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Strength in Stories

Today I wanted to share some of the Wednesday stories from last year. I didn't want to have anyone working on sharing a story over the holiday break for one, and for another, I love everyone who shared a Wednesday story last year. If you click on the Wednesday story tab, you can scroll through… Continue reading Strength in Stories

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Happy Halloween

Today is Halloween, so no Wednesday story. Tune in next Wednesday for a fantastic uplifting story! Instead today, I thought I would share a few pictures of my kids over the years because I know you all are so interested in what my kids wore.:) My oldest on her first Halloween.:) Oh how times flies… Continue reading Happy Halloween

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A Reason To Do Better

I don't believe in coincidences.  Last year on President's Day, my sister-in-law signed up to feed the families at the Ronald McDonald house here in Salt Lake City.  I was so excited about that I asked if we could join her family!  So we went.  And it was such a neat experience.  I highly recommend… Continue reading A Reason To Do Better

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One More Day

A few years ago, I started searching for a good podcast to listen to while I did dishes, laundry etc.  I wanted to use my time better as I did my mundane house chores.  I wanted to fill my mind with good things.  I came across this amazing lady, Kat Lee.  She at the time… Continue reading One More Day

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Honoring A Hero

This Wednesday I'll be doing something a little different.  Instead of sharing a story, I hope to connect with you to create a story of your own.  This past December, I came across a wonderful family that donates items to refugees.  During December, the items they collect are pillowcases.  They had to be 100% cotton,… Continue reading Honoring A Hero

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A Plea for Baby

With technology the way it is now, when you get an ultrasound in a pregnancy they can tell you exactly how many weeks and days old your baby is.  It's simply amazing to me!  When I felt so strongly that we needed to have a sixth child and that she would be a girl, my… Continue reading A Plea for Baby

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Learning from the Past

Today's story doesn't come from someone who is alive anymore.  I was thinking that because of Memorial Day, I would share about one of my ancestors.  This story was written by Chloe Welch-Monk, a great grand daughter of John Coulam.  John Coulam is my third great-grandfather. "John Coulam, son of John and Joanna Ward Coulam,… Continue reading Learning from the Past