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The Faith of a Mother

Since this is May and Memorial Day is in May, I love to share a story from the life of one of my ancestors as a Wednesday Story. Today I would love to share about my third great grandmother Sarah Jane Peck Rich. She was the fourth wife of Charles C. Rich. Yes I come… Continue reading The Faith of a Mother

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A Familiar Name

My third child's name is Lydia.  My husband and I have always loved that name, so we knew one of our daughters would be named that.  Here she is just a few hours old back in 2008.:) It wasn't until after she was a couple years old that I realized we had an ancestor named… Continue reading A Familiar Name

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Look to the Past

Today's post is an attempt to remind myself why I need to research my family.   When I take the time to learn about my ancestors, I am always strengthened and in awe of all that my relatives went through.  I hope that you will enjoy this story today. Jane Ballantyne Taylor is my great-great-great grandmother… Continue reading Look to the Past

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The Story of my Father’s Birth

Since this is June and the month to celebrate fathers, I hope to honor my father and share the story of his birth.  It is amazing and a miracle.  He was born in the winter of 1951.  He was born six weeks early.  At that time in our country, there wasn't much knowledge yet as… Continue reading The Story of my Father’s Birth

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Learning from the Past

Today's story doesn't come from someone who is alive anymore.  I was thinking that because of Memorial Day, I would share about one of my ancestors.  This story was written by Chloe Welch-Monk, a great grand daughter of John Coulam.  John Coulam is my third great-grandfather. "John Coulam, son of John and Joanna Ward Coulam,… Continue reading Learning from the Past