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My Mother’s Bread

The only thing I really leaned how to cook as a teen was French bread. My mom makes the BEST french bread. Nothing brings back good memories of home like when I'm baking bread. I added fresh ground wheat to this recipe, but my mom always made it with all purpose for all of the… Continue reading My Mother’s Bread

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Herb Roasted Turkey

In this post I hope to convince you to make turkey year round!  Not just at Thanksgiving!  Buy a few extra turkey breasts at Thanksgiving time, store them in your deep freezer, and make them throughout the year.  Turkey dinner for any special occasion.  And the BEST part is the gravy and the delicious turkey… Continue reading Herb Roasted Turkey

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The Best Pot Roast

Today my post is simple.  I can't make it better than The Pioneer Woman.  If you haven't tried it, you should. The Perfect Pot Roast by the Pioneer Woman My family loves it.  I follow all her directions.  I just use a lean roast from Costco and my homemade broth/stock. Then when the roast is… Continue reading The Best Pot Roast

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Fresh Bread

"Give us this day our daily bread."  Matthew 6:12 When you are unemployed( see post A Budgeting Blessing) with six kids and a house payment to still make, you really start to appreciate your daily bread.  And when you pray over your food, your level of gratitude deepens.  And for that lesson, I am grateful. In… Continue reading Fresh Bread