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A Miraculous Motherhood Journey

I am so grateful to my friend Dani for sharing her difficult, yet miraculous journey to become a mother. Heavenly Father is aware of us always. I hope today's Wednesday story will inspire you to listen to that still small voice that guides us all through the challenges this life brings. Whether your challenge right… Continue reading A Miraculous Motherhood Journey

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Just Because We Can- Doesn’t Mean We Should

This topic weighs heavy on my mind. Ever since I heard of the state of New York's abortion decision. There are so many of us who have cried endless tears waiting to conceive a baby and give it the ultimate gift as we partner with God...that of the gift of LIFE. And I fully believe… Continue reading Just Because We Can- Doesn’t Mean We Should

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Strength in Stories

Today I wanted to share some of the Wednesday stories from last year. I didn't want to have anyone working on sharing a story over the holiday break for one, and for another, I love everyone who shared a Wednesday story last year. If you click on the Wednesday story tab, you can scroll through… Continue reading Strength in Stories

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Beautiful Possibilities

Today's post is from someone I have come to love in my Instagram community!  Her name is Kay West.  She is on IG @threetoquesandatiara, and she blogs at  I hope you will follow her on her motherhood journey.  She is so positive and kind.  She shares goodness.  And surrounding yourself on social media with… Continue reading Beautiful Possibilities

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An Integral Part

Today's beautiful story is shared by my amazing sister-in-law, Amy.  She lives in China with her sweet husband and four beautiful children.  I hope that her journey of adoption will inspire you today to listen as Heavenly Father guides you along every step of your journey. "Adopting has been something my husband, Sam, and I… Continue reading An Integral Part

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How Mother’s Day Changed

I wish you all a wonderful Mother's Day!  I hope you will enjoy the perspective my friend Christy gives as her Mother's Day changed dramatically over a just a few years. "My son Christian has a way of knowing how to say just the right thing at just the right moment. Yesterday morning, as I… Continue reading How Mother’s Day Changed

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Love Knows No Bounds

Today is Wednesday, so that means another amazing story!  Today's post is from my amazing friend Tori: "Never in a million years did I think I would be the mother to 9 children.  What surprises me most is that  3 are  adopted and that I traveled thousands of miles to Asia to get them and… Continue reading Love Knows No Bounds