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A New Adventure

I have recently opened an Etsy shop! It is called JubilantCreationsCo . My first line of products is to support Miscarriage Awareness. If you are here, you know that is very important to me. This line is called I will grow for you. This phrase came to my mind last month as I was trying… Continue reading A New Adventure

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A Reason To Hope

Hi friends! I am so excited to be back at writing and sharing on this blog. It brings me so much joy! I am excited to do things a little different on my blog, and hopefully you will enjoy the changes. My main focus is going to be on the Wednesday Stories. I feel like… Continue reading A Reason To Hope

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Sorrow The Eye Can’t See

I had the amazing opportunity to share my infertility journey on Norma Zaugg's podcast called Spark the light within. If you have gone through infertility or know someone who has, I really hope that my words will help in some way. I hope that more of us can connect and strengthen each other along the… Continue reading Sorrow The Eye Can’t See

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Twenty Years

As a child I remember thinking when I would be in my 40's that was a LONG way away. And now that I'm here, boy that just flew by! On June 26th, my husband Mark and I will have been married 20 years! What a blessing it has been in my life to have someone… Continue reading Twenty Years

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Rainbow of Hope Collection

I'm so excited to announce a beautiful thing! Karen at inspiring dreams apparel and I collaborated on a line of shirts with messages of HOPE to connect women together who have or are currently going through infertility and miscarriage. And her designs are simply beautiful! Everyone needs one of these shirts! It's amazing how empowering… Continue reading Rainbow of Hope Collection

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Guest Blog Post

I had the privilege to write a guest blog post for Allyson Hayward. She blogs at http://silentlysurvivingsouls.com . She shares her journey through anxiety and depression which was diagnosed on her mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. She is a beautiful mom of soon to be THREE! She and her husband… Continue reading Guest Blog Post

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What Can $5 Do?

Many of you know that besides running this blog, I also collect fleece for making blankets for local Utah police stations. I have partnered with Hearts Knit Together, and we need 25 blankets each month to start this project. We are beginning with West Jordan Police Station. If we can get enough interest from our… Continue reading What Can $5 Do?

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My firework boy

Fifteen years ago today, my son Joshua was born.  His birth was different from all my others.  My labor that morning was different.  My contractions were not regular, but they were very painful.  After calling my mom several times, I decided to call my husband home from work-he worked an hour away at the time.… Continue reading My firework boy

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A Plea for Baby

With technology the way it is now, when you get an ultrasound in a pregnancy they can tell you exactly how many weeks and days old your baby is.  It's simply amazing to me!  When I felt so strongly that we needed to have a sixth child and that she would be a girl, my… Continue reading A Plea for Baby

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Who I am

I just wanted today's post to be a reminder of who I am and why I started writing this blog over a month ago. I have been feeling for several months now that there was something Heavenly Father wanted me to do.  At first I thought that maybe we needed to move (my husband is… Continue reading Who I am