About Me

A New Adventure

I have recently opened an Etsy shop! It is called JubilantCreationsCo .

My first line of products is to support Miscarriage Awareness. If you are here, you know that is very important to me.

This line is called I will grow for you. This phrase came to my mind last month as I was trying to decide what type of fabric to choose for my shop. As I pondered the meaning of this phrase, words to a poem came to my mind too.

I truly believe that through our challenges we can choose to grow. It isn’t easy. And grief takes all shapes and forms. Knocks us over when we least expect. But over time, we can look back and see how our hearts have grown and changed. And after the initial grief, we can more easily choose how to grow with intent. Intent to show love to more and more people. To give grace more easily as we each process our challenges differently.

So, if my products speak to your heart, please head over to my shop

And because it’s my birth month, all products are 15% off!

Thanks for all your support here at awaiting rainbows! Over the next month this blog will get a face lift, and I will be making it solely focused on infertility and miscarriage awareness.

My Wednesday stories not focused on infertility will be moved to my new blog A Jubilant Hope . I’d love you to follow me on both blogs.

There’s always a reason to hope.

PS I also have a Valentine pillow Love Is in my shop too.

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