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Being Guided

Life is full of choices. And as a parent, they seem to become more frequent, and more important. How are we to teach our children to be good people, be kind, be obedient, follow Christ? There are so many things we desire our children to learn. As parents we can really choose where our kids go to school, there are so many available options to us that didn’t exist even 10 years ago. And let’s not forget all the times our kids have challenges, illnesses, doubts. How can we help our kids? How can we teach our kids?

I am a Christian. I belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

I believe that the Light of Christ is in each one of us. And how we connect to that Light is through the Holy Ghost. I have never felt the need to be guided more in my life than now as a parent. I have kids in so many stages of development…18 down to 2 years old. I know that when I try to keep myself close to Christ, then I am filled with HOPE that the Holy Ghost can better speak to me and guide me in all aspects of my life.

In a talk by Elder Holland in June of 2018, he quotes an essay by David Batty.

I know that I am never alone. Satan wants us to feel like we are alone. Or when we mess up we aren’t worthy to have Christ in our lives. But he is a liar. When we are trying as best as we know how-which is different for every single one of us- we are entitled to the Spirit of Christ with us always.

Don’t give up. I am trying not to give up. Motherhood is a much greater challenge than I ever expected. Keep trying. Keep seeking Christ daily by searching the scriptures and reading good words of encouragement. The Holy Ghost will come. He will guide you in all your choices. Sometimes it’s hard to know how to hear the Spirit speak to us. Here’s a series of videos that I recently watched thanks to a suggestion of the Salt Gathering I am attending next month. These videos are so so good!

I hope that today you will feel HOPE that you can keep going through whatever challenge is before you. Take time to come closer to Christ today. And as we do that, day by day, we will be enlightened with the knowledge we need in our challenges. We will be filled with HOPE that in the end things will work out. It doesn’t mean that it won’t be hard and tears won’t happen, but it means we will have the necessary strength to keep going.

Life is Good. Share the Good.

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