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A Week To Remember

Happy 24th of July! Here in good old Utah, it’s Pioneer Day. A day to honor those amazing men, women and children who trekked across the United States by train, foot, wagon, boat or whatever means they did to establish this beautiful land I call home. I am truly grateful. And I want to remember the lessons and legacy they left me.

I thought I would share two links to family history stories I have shared in the past, along with a link about a little angel baby of my dear friend who only lived a few short minutes before returning home. This month marks 10 years since he returned to heaven. I wonder how many pioneers had that same experience as my friend. I can’t imagine being pregnant and walking miles and miles and then giving birth in the wilderness. My friend Sally and her husband share a truly inspiring story of hope. And the two women I share about have equally inspiring stories.

My two oldest children recently attended a youth camp we like to call TREK in the church I belong to, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It is where they go and re-in-act part of the early members of this church traveling by handcart to Utah. The kids and adult leaders travel to Wyoming and camp and walk and walk and walk. It is an extremely spiritual experience as they walk the same path those who have gone before walked.

I hope that today you will take a few minutes and talk about your ancestors with your family. We can receive strength to go through hard things as we learn what hard things our ancestors went through. I know that I am always in awe of my ancestors. Their problems help put mine in perspective.

And sometimes a new perspective is all we need to keep going.

Life is Good. Share the Good.

PS If you are local, I am sponsoring an event August 1st 7pm at the Sandy City Library. I have a guest podcaster, Whitney from @howshemoms, who will be speaking, and everyone who attends is encouraged to share the good that they have recently learned from any podcast. It will be an event to uplift and to connect with new friends. Hope to see you there! To get a free ticket, click on the button below.

PSS The Pioneer painting in my main blog image is by Michael Malm

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