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A Certain Woman Named Lydia

This week in the church I belong to, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, we are studying in Acts in the New Testament, specifically chapters 16-21. In chapter 16 there are two really neat verses 14-15 where a woman named Lydia, a seller of purple, is mentioned.

In verse 14 it says she worshiped God, and she heard Paul and his companions teaching about Jesus Christ. She was prepared to hear long before they arrived. So that when she heard, her heart was opened, and she “attended unto the things which were spoken”. So she not only heard, but she immediately acted upon this new knowledge about Jesus Christ. And then she and her entire household were baptized.

Lydia was a woman of faith. She was a woman of courage. She not only heard, but she had the courage to share what she knew. So she shared her testimony with her family and they all were baptized. I think that is so amazing.

Am I that courageous? Not yet, but I hope to be someday.

She was a woman with determination. She worked to support her family. We don’t know if her husband was sick, had passed away, was away as a soldier, or any other number of things. But she worked hard to support her family. A seller of purple was someone who dyed cloth that was purple and sold it. Purple was a color of wealthy people back then.

My second daughter is named Lydia. As I have pondered over these verses over the years, she’s 13 now, I truly hope that my Lydia will develop these same characteristics. That she will become a woman of great faith, that she will have a heart close to the Spirit, that she will listen to the words of the Prophets of God, that she will share her testimony with all she comes in contact with, and that she won’t be afraid to work hard.

I recently finished reading an amazing book entitled, How Will You Measure Your Life? by Clayton M. Christensen. This is one of my favorite quotes:

Lydia from Thyatira knew what she stood for, and although we don’t know for sure, I bet that she stood for these same values her entire life. I was thinking about these saints that knew the true words of Christ so long ago in many lands. I wondered about their posterity. I wondered if somewhere Lydia’s decedents are living somewhere today. It would be so interesting to know their family heritage.

So, last night as we discussed these verses in family scripture study, we all wrote down some things that we thought the Drennan household should stand for. Then we chose 5 out of them to work on. Here’s what we came up with.

I hope that as we consciously decide what we want to represent, that it will help us focus on learning and trying to gain these values. I am grateful for the authors of the bible. I am grateful for Lydia of Thyatira who knew what she stood for, and whose heart was open to hear the word of God.

May we this week ponder what we stand for, and then stand for it all the time.

Life is Good. Share the Good.

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