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How Wednesday Stories Began

On April 25th, it will be one year since I started having friends, family, and sometimes people I only know through InstaGram write about experiences in their lives that helped them to grow and learn and see the blessings from heaven amidst trials. I wanted thank my friends who had enough faith in me and my purpose here to share tender, personal stories. Your stories have lifted spirits and inspired many to keep going.

In honor of this year of sharing, I wanted to share a few of my early guest stories. I believe that we learn and grow from hearing other’s challenges and how they kept going, how they were able to see miracles, and how they kept believing that Heavenly Father loves them and is aware of each moment of our lives.

I hope that one of these stories today will stand out to you. I hope that it will lift your spirits.

This first link is the first Wednesday story I ever shared. My friend Angelina shares a touching story of when her nine month old daughter was very, very sick and the miracles that came into play to diagnose her.

This next story was shared by my dear sister-in-law Amy. This was their first adoption. They have since adopted another sweet boy from China, which is where they live. It’s a beautiful story.

The third story I want to share was by my friend Beth. She is a young mom of three kids. And it’s often that when we are in that stage we feel overwhelmed with all that is required of us. Her story is honest and uplifting!

The last story I want to highlight is a fun story of my friend from my good old BYU days studying Dietetics. She and her husband were inspired to make a big move with their four children. They are having so many adventures.

Thank you to all who have read these Wednesday Stories over the past year. It truly has made my heart happy! And an especially big thank you to those who have shared your story and lifted so many hearts.

Have a wonderful day!

Life is Good. Share the Good.

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