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A Night of Service

This isn’t a guest Wednesday story exactly, but I can’t stop posting about the charity work I’m doing. It fills me with so much JOY! Last night I had the privilege of listening to Linda Simmons, executive director of Hearts Knit Together, speak at our church’s young women’s group. She is a woman of great faith. She has witnessed many miracles over the past 12 years as the Lord has blessed her charity to grow and serve so many women and children.

She shared that she recently spoke with the head of the Utah Unified Police force. Of all the calls they receive, 90% are for domestic violence. And they have seen a huge increase in these particular calls in the past six months.

The fleece blankets I help them collect are stored in the officers vehicles. When they go to one of those calls, they are able to pull that out and give comfort to a scared child. Linda also has but together beautiful kits with a blanket, stuffed animal holding a sewn heart, a coloring book/crayons, and a sweet message for the children who meet with the victims advocates at the station. We want every child to know they are loved.

I’m so grateful for my ward for helping last night to make blankets and journals. The teens and mother’s all receive journals in the kits donated to the shelters for abused women and children.

There are so many items you can donate to Hearts Knit Together. If you are interesting in making a cash donation, please do that through Hearts Knit Together facebook page {https://www.facebook.com/heartsknittogether.org/} and mention fleece blankets for police kits in the comments. If you want to tag me too you are welcome to do that, that way I know how much fleece I can be ordering! I have a connection to get solid colored fleece in 1 1/4 yards for $5. So even a $5 donation gives one child a blanket.

Thank you for supporting me in my quest to help children. I am so grateful that Heavenly Father led me to Linda. We know that we are supposed to help these children. And we can’t do it without a lot of support. I hope to be up on https://www.justserve.org/ very soon. Linda loves speaking at church service events. You can contact her through her website and schedule a time.

As always…

Life is Good. Share the Good.

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