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Strength in Stories

Today I wanted to share some of the Wednesday stories from last year. I didn’t want to have anyone working on sharing a story over the holiday break for one, and for another, I love everyone who shared a Wednesday story last year. If you click on the Wednesday story tab, you can scroll through them all.

My first story ever was written by my dear friend Angelina. And after reading her story, I was even more certain that that was what I needed to do. Share more stories. Because there is something amazing that happens when we read or learn about the trials people go through, but even-more-so what we learn as we see them rise above their challenge! We learn we can do hard things too. When that huge challenge knocks on our door, we can say, “I can do this!” and “I know I can do this because so and so did something hard and I can too.”

We learn that God is the ultimate GOOD. He gives us these challenges to learn and to grow. And my greatest wish with sharing these stories on my blog is that you will be uplifted today. You will receive strength and maybe even inspiration to help you in your own challenges.

Angelina’s story, my FIRST Wednesday story!

My sweet sister-in-law Amy shared such a tender story on Adopting their first son. And I’m happy to report, he has a brother now too!

Another dear friend shared the incredible journey she went on with her son when learning he had juvenile diabetes.

Another friend shared how she and her husband were inspired to move to Europe with their family!

This story was written recently about the loss of a spouse who has suffered from physical and mental challenges for many years prior to passing away.

I seriously could re-share every story! As I was reading through them all, I just got teary thinking of all these amazing people who have shared their story with me and all of you. It takes a bit of faith to put your story out there for all to read. And I am grateful for each one of you who have shared. I hope today that if you are needing a bit of strength and inspiration, that you will click on my Wednesday Stories tab. Scroll through them. See which one catches your eye. Take a few minutes to fill your cup a little more today.

I know that we have Father in Heaven, God the Father. He watches over us. He loves us. He wants us to grow and change and become more empathetic and kind. And we do that through challenges and trials. Through each hardship there is always good. Look for the good.

I am so grateful for my little blog and how it has helped me. And I hope and pray my little efforts can help you too.

Life is Good. Share the Good.

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