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Quietly Being Kind

Today I wanted to highlight my friend Kay’s daughter and son, because my blog is all about sharing goodness through our challenges.  Her children have started a business together sending kindness around the world one postcard at a time.  Kay shared her story several months ago on my blog.  You can read it here (  Kay’s daughter Eden is a beautiful child with several disabilities.  Her older brother, Isaac, helps her and is such a great loving brother.

Each postcard is hand drawn by Eden.  Then she sorts and packages them herself.  You can order them at  A portion of these postcards are donated to a special needs charity every month.  For the month of December, they are donating to Therapy Animals of Utah (  This was chosen by Calvin, a child they highlight on their Instagram account @quietylybeingkind.  And as you can see from his photo, he has a beautiful light in his smile.

If you want to learn more about Eden, you can listen to her on a podcast called @supergirlspodcast.  This podcast is put on by an amazing lady, Jackie, who highlights girls who are overcoming challenges and sharing their light.  You can listen to Eden’s episode by clicking on this link (

I hope this month as you look around for opportunities to #lighttheworld that you will consider ordering some of these postcards.  They are just $7 and they spread kindness and love in many ways.  Kay has not asked me to blog about this, I just really love what her family is doing to share their light.  And maybe this will inspire you and your family to start something new to help share your light with the world.

Life is Good.  Share the Good.

PS Look forward to my story on Wednesday when Jackie will be sharing all about her.:)  I’m excited!

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