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Light the World

I wanted to take today’s post and talk a little bit about the church that I belong to and their amazing #lighttheworld campaign.  I belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  And recently in the month of December they have this campaign where we are encouraged to share the light of Christ in our hearts through service.  I love this and my family loves this.  It helps us to think of the needs all around us, when especially in this country, we are often focused on what we are giving our immediate family or what we are getting.  Whether you belong to my church, another church, or no church, you can still share joy through serving others and sharing kindness.

This year the campaign was divided into weeks.  Week 1 was Light the World, Week 2(this week) is Light you Community, Week 3 Light your Family, Week 4 is Light your Faith.  They have wonderful videos for each week to help you get a sense of each purpose.  You can watch them by clicking on the link below.

A few weeks ago, I felt very strongly to start a project that I had been pondering for some time.  I had lots of excuses of why I hadn’t started it yet, mostly because I have six kids and the youngest is 15 months.  But when I felt that incredible feeling, I just knew that if I started, Heavenly Father would provide a way to make things happen.  So I of course told my husband my idea to get people in the community involved in making fleece blankets and donating them to our local police station, and then I started.  You can follow me on Instagram @mybelovedblanket and you can check out my blog at

This week is Light your Community.  I have been so uplifted at those who have reached out to help.  For this month, I am also mailing the bags the fleece blankets need to be placed in.  I have mailed some bags to Idaho and Nevada, as well as just across town.  Since I began just the week after Thanksgiving, 30 blankets have been made or are in the process of being made.  That’s 30 people who when faced with a challenge they weren’t expecting can have something tangible to bring them comfort.  And that makes my heart so very happy!

I hope that if you have a thought that keeps filling your mind about some way you can serve, that you will take that leap of faith and just do it!  The blessings of watching my kids see how even strangers have come together with me to serve is so worth it.  We are teaching the next generation that even one person can be a powerful light for good in this world.  We need more glowing lights to combat the sorrows all around.

I’m grateful for the knowledge of Jesus Christ and the amazing light HE was and still IS.  HE will bring peace to this world.  We have the opportunity to help him.  Let’s #lighttheworld.

Life is Good.  Share the Good.

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