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A Witness

One of my favorite stories in the Book of Mormon is that of the people of Alma when they were being persecuted by Amulon and his “task-masters”.  Alma’s people were feeling just SO SAD.  They didn’t know how they could go on any longer.  They started praying outloud–“cry{ing} mightily to God” for help.  Of course, Amulon didn’t want them to do this, so he told them they’d be put to death if they were caught praying outloud(remind you of Daniel in the Bible?)

So, they prayed in their hearts.  In Mosiah 24:12-14 it says:

Screenshot_20180924-060718_Gospel Library

Notice the phrases “and He did know the thoughts of their hearts; God told them, “Lift up your heads and be of good comfort”  “I will also ease the burdens…that even you cannot feel them…even while you are in bondage”.  And WHY did God do this?  He answers “that ye may STAND AS WITNESSES FOR ME”  and  “That ye may KNOW OF A SURETY THAT I, THE LORD GOD, DO VISIT MY PEOPLE IN THEIR AFFLICTIONS”.

Seriously some of the most powerful, uplifting words of scripture.  And why I am sharing this today?  Because this is why I am continuing to write this blog.  Some days, weeks, I am just so busy being a mom and wife.  I feel like I am running around in circles and wondering how on earth I can do everything I am asked to do.  Well, the short answer is I can’t do everything.  Every day, there will be some things that get let go, but hopefully most days the important things get done.  In the midst my craziest days, I can have peace and a feeling that my challenges are lifted even though they are still there.

And the other reason I continue to blog when I feel like I already have plenty on my plate, is that I am A WITNESS.  I want everyone to know that through the dark days of miscarriages and waiting and waiting and waiting, there is peace and hope that come if we trust God to help us.  He is the only source of light through the dark.


We must pray to Him.  And we must keep praying like the people of Alma.  Because God lets us learn from suffering anguish in our hearts.  Why?  Because then we can be a WITNESS when miracles come.  And they do come.


If you are struggling right now with the challenges that seem overwhelming, please take heart.  God will give you strength.

Screenshot_20180924-060727_Gospel Library

When we turn over our sorrows to God, it is then that our burdens can feel “lighter”.  I always wondered for many years what that really was.  I know now that for me, the feelings of sorrow and worry are sometimes still there.  Sometimes they are overwhelming.  But when those feelings come, I need to pray.  And pray and pray until I feel those words of strength and comfort.  And then I can stand up and be strong, and even be CHEERFUL like the people of Alma.

And eventually, there will be a “morrow”.  And we will be delivered from all our sorrows and afflictions.  I pray this week that you will know that I pray for you.  That God is real.  That He waits for each of us to let Him help us.  And I pray that if you’ve been praying for strength already for awhile, that soon your answer of strength and ease of burdens will come.  And when they come, let us be ready to give thanks, just like the people of Alma.  We can also point out to our children times when we can give thanks, and this helps them to be more aware of blessings our family receives even at young ages.

Screenshot_20180924-060822_Gospel Library

I love my Savior and my Heavenly Father.  I am grateful for the lessons I have learned in loosing so many babies.  I don’t want to do that again, but I am grateful for the way that I was able to see the miracles all along the way.  They are there, big or small, they always there.

Life is Good.  Share the Good.

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