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Anxiety part 2

My picture with my son Joshua is one of my favorites.  We were going to the doctor’s office to see if he broke his wrist because he was playing on the playground!  The wind was so crazy that day.  I just love how much fun I can have with my kids!  Sometimes my kids cause me anxiety too though.  And sometimes I let anxiety win, and then I can’t have moments like this because I am too wrapped up in what “might” happen, or worrying about things that I have no control over.  I think my brain thinks that worrying is a worthwhile career.  But it is up to me to stop that route in my brain.  It is a battle every day .  Sometimes I totally win like that day with my son.  And sometimes I totally loose.  But I’m finding that when I have a hard day, getting up early no matter if I want to, really helps me to refocus my attitude and positive thoughts.

I wrote a post about Anxiety not too long ago. It is something that as I have gotten older, I am better able to work through. And it is interesting how getting older gives you a perspective-I can look back at how terribly at times I have managed my anxiety. And my poor husband! He sometimes has a lot to deal with when I can’t calm myself down.

There was recently an article in BYU Magazine entitled Hand Held Therapy. I have found it very interesting. I am not tech savy in the slightest, so I had no idea that there were apps you can download to help with your depression and anxiety. I have downloaded the happify app that they recommend in their article. I have only played around in it just a little this morning, but I think it is going to be a good one for me.

happify app

In the article it says, “Anxiety is one of the most common mental-health disorders in the United States today, with 18 percent of adults affected, according to the National Institute of Mental Health. Another 6.7 percent of adults experience major depression, and millions more suffer from challenges ranging from phobias to attention-deficit disorder. Many adults don’t seek professional help for mental-health conditions, or they delay getting help until they’ve suffered for a long time. Self-help books, seminars, and online courses have been filling these gaps, and now smartphone apps are joining the mix.”

I know for me, money is often the driving force as to why I don’t go to counseling more often. I have recently been going with one of my children, and each visit I think, why didn’t I start going sooner? I love going! It really helps me to see where my thoughts are that week. When my anxiety takes over, it is helpful for someone else to talk me through my thoughts. When you say them out loud, it is easier to see when they are irrational.

This article also focuses on how exercise helps with mood. I know that is true. I have a much harder time in the winter because I hate being cold more than anything! I really only go outside if I have too. And now with Walmart grocery order, I’ll have to go out even less! So how can I improve my moods. Well, I think this happify app might help. It gives you activities to do each day to help your mood. And as I have talked about earlier, if I take time to write my goals down, then I am more likely to achieve them. Since, I haven’t written down an exercise goal, I’m not doing so great there! But now my stroller’s popped tire is fixed and school is in session, so that means walking a couple times a day.

Changing just takes baby steps. I am a full believer in that. We can’t change all at once. But changing minutely every day now, can in the end dramatically change our coarse later to be full of JOY.

My hope this week is that you will search up an app. See if there is one that might help you. Now you might not suffer from anxiety or depression, but having an app that helps you with positive thoughts or activities could benefit anyone.

Life is Good. Share the Good.

PS Tell me your thoughts on how you help get yourself out of negative thought patterns!

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