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Five Two Love

Today’s post makes me SO happy!  You will see as you read, they are a very busy family right now!  I hope you will enjoy their story.  The following words are quoted by Amanda Scott, a sister-in-law.

“Skyler and Jamie married in 2004 and were overjoyed to bring their first son, Shayden (12), into the world in 2005. They then had some trouble adding to their family, but after a few years of trying welcomed Landon (7) into their home.


For the past 5 years, Skyler and Jamie have been hoping to have another baby. When they realized they would need some extra help, they sought out a fertility specialist. On the second round of treatment, they were thrilled to find out they were expecting.

When they went to Jamie’s first ultrasound, their happiness grew to shock and wonder when they found out they were having not one or even two babies, but QUINTUPLETS– five babies!


They have learned to dream a new dream for their family and have truly embraced the actuality of adding these children to their family. Jamie has faced a challenging, high-risk pregnancy and has endured it all with astounding grace. Skyler is facing the new reality of being a provider for 5 more children and the big undertaking that it will be to care for these babies. In early January, they revealed that they are expecting 3 baby girls and 2 baby boys–exactly what they were hoping for!”

Jamie’s water broke at 21 1/2 weeks, and initially they were given a 1% chance of all babies surviving.  She made it an amazing 8 more weeks before delivering these precious babies.  I can’t imagine what a blessed feeling it would be to have five healthy babies.


After being in the NICU for a couple months, their family was all home together.


When I went through all my miscarriages, I often prayed for more than one so that I wouldn’t have to lose any more.  It is hard to lose babies.  And so my heart truly rejoices for this family!  That their miracles made it!  The Scott family are shining lights of faith, hope, devotion to God, and kindness to all.  Their journey is inspiring, and I hope you will follow them on Facebook Five Two Love , and on Instagram.  We should surround ourselves with things that bring joy- and daily pictures/videos of this precious family, definitely brings me joy.

I’m so grateful to Skyler for giving me permission to share their story and photos.  This family is the sweetest!  Check out their most recent video Every Day is a Gift.

Life is Good.  Share the Good.

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