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My firework boy

Fifteen years ago today, my son Joshua was born.  His birth was different from all my others.  My labor that morning was different.  My contractions were not regular, but they were very painful.  After calling my mom several times, I decided to call my husband home from work-he worked an hour away at the time.

We got to the hospital and I was only dilated to a three.  The nurse was tempted to send me home.  But felt prompted-I believe- to check the baby out better.  He was in distress in my tummy.  His heart-rate was not stable.  My oxygen was terrible.  They admitted me.  I could only lay on my left side, and I had to be on oxygen.  They had to break my water and attach a head monitor to Joshua.  It was so stressful watching his little monitor plumet with each contraction.  After several hours of doing this, it finally plummeted too low.  The nurse rushed back in, said she was going to hit the alarm button and about 10 people were going to rush into my room.  I had 30 seconds to get Joshua out or they were going to knock me out and do an emergency c-section.  I was terrified.  I wondered if my baby would make it.

I tried to stop the tears so I could focus on pushing.  The nurse pressed on my big belly and my husband, Mark held one leg and pushed on my back.  I couldn’t take any breaths.  The nurse just kept saying, keep pushing, don’t give up, we need to get him out.  And praise be to the doctor walking in the hallway who popped in his head and asked if we needed help!  Doctor Dalton, wherever you are, I sure do love you!

Miraculously we were able to get Joshua out quick enough!  He even cried!  I got to hold him for 30 seconds and they rushed him away because he had fluid in his lungs.  So Mark went with him.  My bleeding was out of control somewhat.  It wouldn’t slow down.  So, for the next four hours the nurses helped me, and I worried about where my baby was.

Finally, a nurse shift happened, and the new nurse was like, you just need to let your bladder be relieved-it’d been way too long- and the bleeding should slow.  Well, what would you know, it worked!  So I finally got to go to my room.  Joshua was cleared to come be with me too.


I was so in love with this dark haired, red-skinned baby!  My firework baby.  My epidural didn’t wear off very quickly, so at one point, he was sleeping in his bassinet and he started choking.  I freaked out because I couldn’t get up to get him out.  Luckily the nurses came quickly and gave him some good pats and cleared his lungs.  That only happened one more time, and then his little lungs were great!

I love when family meet your little ones for the first time.  It is always magical.  It never gets old.  This is Ashlee meeting Joshua for the first time.  Side note- she has always had the most intense eyes!


And then we were a family of four.


My parents!  I love their joy and wonder in their faces!



I’m so thankful for all the people who help us get our babies here.  Sometimes it doesn’t end with a happy ending.  But I am grateful that this time for me it was.

Life is Good.  Share the Good.


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