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Motherhood-the refining fire

I’m so excited to share with you the experience of motherhood my friend Beth is going through.  I hope you will enjoy her words and find strength in them.  I hope you will find courage to keep at it.  I hope you will be inspired to let Christ into your life and allow Him to help you become the best YOU- you can be.

“Being a mother of three young children, all very close in age, was not what I expected motherhood to be like, and I suppose that’s the point of life in general. For me, I had this idea that I would stretch out having my children and put myself back together in between it all. After my first was born I felt like most moms, scared and nervous of everything new with this little life I was entrusted with. My confidence grew with each passing month, and I started to feel like I might survive this whole “motherhood” thing. And really, with our second quick addition, I felt much more at ease and confident with my ability to cope with life, and I think this is where God stepped in and thought, she needs to be stretched a bit more.

Surprise! I’m pregnant- just as baby #2 turns 8 months. I cried. a lot. It took me about 4 months before I started to let myself bond with this little miracle growing inside of me, but I was still mourning the loss of what I had wanted it to be like. Having three babies under the age of 4 felt, and still feels like I’m drowning. I have discovered when you are in survival mode, most of life passes by you in a daze. I hate that I was so overwhelmed with three littles that I didn’t really enjoy my baby as a baby…it was all too much, and if I’m completely honest, I gave up a lot on my life because I felt so defeated with just surviving.

I’m just now, starting to feel like I can catch my breath a little, but trying to find myself again has been much harder than I thought it would be, and I’m finding that this is where I’m turning more and more to Christ. Because I think the miracles actually lie in losing who you once thought you were. In breaking you down to your rawest self to let the light of Christ in to heal and build you.

Motherhood is a sacred refining process that requires all we have and more. It stretches us beyond our capacities and humbles us to face our weaknesses. Some days I hang on and let myself get dragged through the mud of life, but thankfully, God continues to teach me to grow and become better though my role as a mother.”

Beth’s thoughts go perfectly with a story shared in a recent talk by Elder Lynn G. Robbins:

“Nephi’s unwavering faith helped him go from failure to failure until he finally obtained the brass plates. It took Moses 10 attempts before he finally found success in fleeing Egypt with the Israelites.

We may wonder—if both Nephi and Moses were on the Lord’s errand, why didn’t the Lord intervene and help them achieve success on their first try? Why did He allow them—and why does He allow us—to flounder and fail in our attempts to succeed? Among many important answers to that question, here are a few:

  • First, the Lord knows that “these things shall give [us] experience, and shall be for [our] good.”

  • Second, to allow us to “taste the bitter, that [we] may know to prize the good.”

  • Third, to prove that “the battle is the Lord’s,” and it is only by His grace that we can accomplish His work and become like Him.

  • Fourth, to help us develop and hone scores of Christlike attributes that cannot be refined except through opposition and “in the furnace of affliction.””

I agree with Beth that motherhood is a refining process.  I am so grateful for this.  I used to think I knew what being patient, kind, serving, loving, being exhausted, having sympathy, anguish, etc meant.  I truly had no understanding of these words until I had kids.  And I continue to learn their deeper meaning.

So as we all press forward, may we turn to Christ and allow him to give us strength to endure this refining process called motherhood.

Life is Good.  Share the Good.

PS Beth has an AMAZING talent!  Please follow her on instagram at uniquelyjane12 and email her at

Here are some samples of her beautiful creations!


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